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Elevator Municipalities - Lists and Notices


Any municipality or county that chooses to inspect, license or otherwise regulate conveyances must apply to the Office of the State Fire Marshal for approval of their local program. Please refer to the Elevator Safety and Regulation Act (225 ILCS 312/140) for additional guidelines.

Building Owners

In accordance with the Elevator Safety and Regulation Act (225 ILCS 312/120), you are required to have the conveyance inspected annually by a State of Illinois Licensed Elevator Inspector. If the conveyance(s) are covered under a Local Municipality Conveyance Safety Inspection Program, please contact your local authorities for inspection and certification procedural requirements. Otherwise you will need to contact a State of Illinois Licensed Elevator Inspector to arrange for an inspection.

NOTICE: Renewal Reminder to Local Municipalities/Counties

Municipalities or counties that have signed an Illinois Elevator Safety Program Agreement (the “Agreement”) with the OSFM to operate the Local Authority’s Elevator Safety Program are reminded that the Agreement is a four (4) year term and requires that, after the conclusion of that term, the Local Authority reapply to the OSFM for approval of its Elevator Safety Program pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.

The full Agreement may be accessed via this link.  The pertinent terms of the Agreement referred to above may be found below.

This Agreement constitutes a contract between the OSFM and Local Authority which permits the Local Authority to operate an Elevator Safety Program (“Program”) in conformity with Section 140 of the Elevator Safety Act (225 ILCS 312/140) and the Administrative Rules adopted at 41 Ill. Adm. Code 1000. In that regard, the Local Authority agrees to the following:

  1. This Agreement will become effective on the date it is accepted by the OSFM and shall remain valid for a period of four (4) calendar years thereafter. Prior to the expiration of this Agreement, the Local Authority shall reapply for approval of its PROGRAM by submitting to the OSFM the information detailed in Section 2, below.

  2. The Local Authority shall submit to the OSFM, along with this Agreement executed by an officer of the Local Authority, the following information and shall notify the OSFM in writing of any changes to subsections “A” and “B” thereafter during the term of this Agreement:

    1. The name and contact information of its Program administrator. It is the responsibility of the Local Authority to notify the OSFM of any changes to this information.

    2. The name and contact information of any third party inspection company/is under contract with the Local Authority or the name and license number of the inspector(s) employed by the Local Authority to perform such inspections.

    3. The number and type of conveyances covered by the Program.

    4. The number and type of conveyances NOT covered by the Program, if any. These records shall be maintained by the Local Authority.