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Organizational Structure

James A. Rivera - Illinois State Fire Marshal

James A. Rivera

Illinois State Fire Marshal James A. Rivera has led a career devoted to the fire service for over 30 years. Rivera has worked for the Chicago Fire Department since 1990.

Rivera began his service as a firefighter, working his way up to become Deputy District Chief. In 2014, Rivera served as the Chief of Operations for the U.S. Security and Protective Services in Chicago. Along with his extensive experience in the field, Rivera has accumulated numerous certifications and honors from institutions ranging from the Department of Homeland Security, Louisiana State University, and the State of Illinois.

Rivera is a member of the City of Chicago Community Advisory Board and the Chicago Firefighter Union. While serving, Rivera received both his Master of Science in Public Administration & Management and Bachelor of Arts in Fire Service Administration from Lewis University.

Fire Marshal Rivera is honored and humbled to continue to serve the people of Illinois as Illinois State Fire Marshal. 

Allen Reyne - Deputy Director

Allen Reyne


The Deputy Director is the senior executive staff member on the State Fire Marshal's staff and is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the agency, including oversight of the Bureau of Administration, Bureau of Operations and General Counsel's office.

Dale Simpson - Bureau of Operations, Chief Operating Officer

Dale Simpson


The Bureau of Operation’s primary mission is to ensure the public safety of all Illinois residents through its law enforcement, inspection and licensing functions.  The Bureau includes all operational divisions of the agency:  Arson Investigation, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety, Elevator Safety, Fire Prevention, and Petroleum and Chemical Safety.

Ronny Wickenhauser - Bureau of Administrative Services, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Ronny Wickenhauser

Phone: 217-558-0577

The Bureau of Administration’s primary mission is to provide administrative support to the employees of the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal, as well support to the Illinois Fire Service through the administration of grant and loan programs. The Bureau is comprised of the following functions: financial management, contract and grant administration, procurement, human resources, building management and the motor pool.

Katherine Nunes - Senior Policy Advisor

Katherine Nunes

The Senior Policy Advisor is a member of the State Fire Marshal's executive staff and is responsible for researching and formulating policy for the Agency.

Matthew Taksin

Phone: 217-785-1011

The Legal Division counsels and provides technical support to the OSFM and its operational divisions in a variety of ways. The Legal Division is responsible for assisting with regulatory enforcement, administrative hearing litigation, research, contract review, drafting and negotiating intergovernmental agreements, legislative drafting and review, administrative rulemaking drafting and review, labor issues, subpoena requests, FOIA requests, and policy review. The Legal Division also reports to the Office of the Governor’s General Counsel.

Nick Barnard - Chief Internal Auditor

Nick Barnard

Phone: 217-557-5873

The mission of the internal audit office is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the OSFM's operations. It helps the Office accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes.

Laura Bedolla- Legislative Liaison

Laura Bedolla

Phone: 217-524-1540


Legislative Affairs serves as a liaison between the General Assembly, Governor’s office, and the fire service organizations throughout the state. Legislative Affairs carefully reads and responds to bills introduced into the legislature that would directly affect OSFM, members of the Illinois Fire service, or the safety of the citizens in the state.

JC Fultz - Public Information Officer

JC Fultz

Phone: 217-685-2041


The Public Information Officer (PIO) works with the State Fire Marshal to convey the fire prevention/safety message and helps to promote the mission of the agency. The PIO is the point of contact for any media inquiries.

Jodi Schrage - Human Resources and Special Projects

Jodi Schrage

Phone: 217-558-1750

The Human Resources and Special Project Division oversees human resources and special projects for the OSFM. In addition, the Division coordinates the Annual Firefighter Medal of Honor and Illinois and DuQuoin State Fairs. The Division is responsible for the Small Firefighting & Ambulance Service Equipment Grant Program, the Fire Truck and Ambulance Revolving Loan Programs, the Fire Station Revolving Loan Program as well as the Fire Safe Cigarette Program.

Clint Everetts

Clint Everetts

(217) 557-3262

The Division of Fiscal Management is responsible for agency payroll, accounts payables, accounts receivables, and procurement.

Lee Buxton - Fire Service Outreach Coordinator

Lee Buxton


Fire Service Outreach serves as a point of contact for fire departments and various other fire service organizations. This area is responsible for the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), the Fire Equipment Exchange Program, the Illinois Fire Museum, "Be Alarmed!" Smoke Alarm Program, and Educational Information Distribution Program.

Jeff Pride - Arson Investigation Division Manager

Jeff Pride

Phone: 217-782-9116

The mission of the Division of Arson Investigation is to provide fire investigation and law enforcement services to the fire service, and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The Division is responsible for investigating suspicious fires and explosions. Arson Investigators are sworn peace officers authorized to conduct fire and/or explosion origin and cause investigations, interview witnesses and/or suspects, conduct follow-up investigations, execute search warrants, collect evidence, make arrests and testify in court. The Arson Division also consists of 7 canine teams. These canines can detect minute traces of ignitable liquids often used in fires and can lead investigators to a specific location where the fire originated.

Patrick Polick - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Division Manager

Patrick Polick

Phone: 217-782-2696

The Division of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety regulates the construction, installation, repair, use, and operation of boilers and pressure vessels as mandated by law. The division’s main responsibility is conducting in-service inspections of boilers and pressure vessels to prevent accidents caused by explosions or leakage.

Robert Capuani​ - Elevator Safety Division Manager

Robert Capuani​

Phone: 312-814-1325

The Division of Elevator Safety is responsible for the design, construction, operation, inspecting, testing, maintenance, and alteration of conveyances in the State in accordance with the Statutes and Rules. It is also responsible for the registration and certification of conveyances as well as the licensing of contractors, mechanics, apprentices, inspectors, inspection companies.

Jeff Rath - Fire Prevention Division Manager

Jeff Rath


Phone: 217-558-0639

The Division of Fire Prevention conducts inspections of buildings for compliance with the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. While concentrating efforts on Public Schools, state licensed day care, health care, and correctional facilities. OSFM fire prevention inspectors also help ensure safety through the inspection of above ground flammable liquid tanks, LP Gas installations and hotel/motel occupancies. The division also inspects buildings, vendors, and exhibits at the state fairs in both Springfield and Du Quoin. The division is also responsible for enforcing the Fire Equipment Distributor and Employee Regulation Act, Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Act, Pyrotechnic Operator and Distributor Licensing Act and the Furniture Fire Safety Act.

Mitzi Woodson - Personnel Standards and Education Division Manager

Mitzi Woodson

Phone: 217-782-4542

The Division of Personnel Standards & Education (PS&E) is responsible for the standardization of education and training for firefighters in Illinois. It operates under the mandate of the Illinois Fire Protection Training Act, which provides for the promotion of standards to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

James Bentley - Petroleum and Chemical Safety Division Manager

James Bentley

Phone: 217-785-1020

The Division of Petroleum & Chemical Safety (P&CS) is responsible for managing the Underground Storage Tank (UST) program in Illinois. Working from state laws and rules based on a foundation of federal UST regulations, P&CS regulates UST activity, from licensing the contractors who work on them, to issuing permits for everything from initial installation to final removal, and all repairs and upgrades in between. Division field staff inspect all active registered UST facilities on a 2 year cycle, in addition to inspecting permitted UST activities and responding to UST and dispensing emergencies. The mission of P&CS is to protect against threats to human safety and contamination of the environment. 

Roberto Lopez


Phone: 314-814-1645

Serves as the Agency Diversity Officer to pursue advancement of the agency's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) external outreach program, goals, and communications involving or impacting minority communities. The Diversity Officer also serves as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.