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​​The State Fire Marshal's Office provides professional personnel and programs for the citizens of Illinois and is committed to protecting life and property from fire and explosions through inspection, investigation, training, education, data processing and statistical fire reports. The agency mission is dedicated to working with our partners and providing assistance to the fire service in the protection of life, property and environment through communication, inspection, certification and licensing. 

We are committed to working closely with fire service organizations and other proactive groups to enhance solutions to the fire problem.​

The services provided by the agency include: arson investigations, fire prevention safety in buildings, boiler and pressure vessel safety, the program for petroleum and chemical tanks, collecting and analyzing fire reports, and the personnel standards and education for the firefighters in Illinois.

Information available includes: fire safety, charts that describe the fire problems and trends, resources available, and other information for use by adults and students. The maps and graphs can be printed and used in various reports. Multi-media computer programs are available to​​ schools and fire departments at no cost . The public can access brochures and other information through this valuable service. The guest book is found on the home page opening screen and provides you with a quick and easy way to request fire safety educational materials.

You can access information about the specific programs described. Thank you for your interest.​

For general information or questions, please email us​.