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Acceptance of all, Access for all, and Participation by all


The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) commits to enabling staff to thrive in a culture which fully embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. OSFM acknowledges that in order to best empower, value and safeguard our employees, our workforce must reflect Illinois' diversity. We pledge to enhance agency diversity by employing strategic initiatives for recruitment, support, and retention as we work closely with our industry partners and regulatory stakeholders throughout the State.


Diversity refers to the specific traits and characteristics that make people unique, such as race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. The unique characteristics of people from different geographical locations are also included.

Equity refers to access and the fair treatment for all while striving to identify and eliminate inequities and barriers so that everyone can achieve wealth, opportunity, and privilege. Using equitable principles, some individuals may require additional access or more assistance than other others. In this context, equity differs from the concept of equality.

Inclusion involves the meaningful participation and empowerment of people from diverse backgrounds to work together in a collaborative way to further the organization's mission.


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