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Elevator Fees

Fee Schedule

Description Fee

E​levator Mechanic (Initial and Renewal)


​Limited Elevator Mechanic (Initial and Renewal) 

​​Temporary Elevator Mechanic (Initial and Renewal) Note: Issued for 30 Days $100.00​
​Elevator Apprentice or Helper Registration (One-Time Fee) ​$75.00
​Elevator Contractor (Initial and Renewal) $1000.00​

Limited Elevator Contractor (Initial and Renewal)

​Elevator Inspector (Initial and Renewal) $450.00​
​Elevator Inspection Company (Initial and Renewal) $500.00​
License Restoration (Any Type) Renewal Fee + $50.00
License Replacement (Any Type) $50.00
Licensure Violations (Any Type) Not to Exceed $2,000.00/Occurrence

Registration and I.D. Tags

Description Fee
Conveyance Registration (One-Time Fee) $30.00
I.D. Tag Replacement (Each) $10.00
Violation (for Contractors who fail to register a conveyance) Not to exceed $500.00/Day
Variance/Exception (Per Conveyance) $300.00


Description Fee
New Installation $400.00
Material Alteration $200.00
Permit Extension $100.00

Certification of Operation

Description Fee
Initial Certificate of Operation $100.00
Temporary Certificate of Operation $0.00
Annual Renewal of Certificate of Operation $75.00
Renewal of Expired Certificate of Operation $125.00
Late Fee $50.00