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Elevator Continuing Education

With the signing of the new Elevator Safety and Regulation Act (Public Act 096-0054) on July 23, 2009, Continuing Education requirements have changed. Licensed Illinois mechanics will now need 2 hours of Code Update instruction included in their required 8 hours of Continuing Education in the year prior to their license expiration. Prior to this new Act many contractors had previously obtained Board approval for their 8-hour safety training programs for their mechanics. In order to comply with the new Act contractors will have to present their 2-hour Code Update instruction program to the Elevator Safety Review Board for approval. If this is not done their previously approved 8-hour safety training program will now count for 6 hours of Continuing Education and mechanics will have to obtain their 2 hours of Code Update training elsewhere.

It is mandatory for Licensed Inspectors to take an 8-hour Code class in order to renew their QEI each year. The receipt of a new QEI card indicates that this training was received. A copy of this card should be submitted to the Elevator Safety Division each year in order for records to be kept up to date.

Full list of the Continuing Education programs and requirements