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Certified Assessor Information

As part of the Illinois firefighter promotion process, a candidate's qualifications are evaluated by an Assessor which must be certified by the Joint Labor and Management Committee (JLMC).  The JLMC assessors must meet  requirements of their own which are also established by the JLMC.  Once certified by the JLMC, an assessor will remain certified for a 2 year period and be listed on a Roster of Certified Assessors maintained here.

Roster of Certified Assessors

This roster of assessors is certified by the Joint Labor and Management Committee (JLMC) pursuant to Section 50 of the Fire Department Promotion Act (50 ILCS 742/50), including a 3 page resume for each. Parties to the promotional process may,

  • review the roster and select your own assessors, or
  • ask the Office to provide a random list of assessors, or
  • submit a special request to the Office to provide you a list of assessors.

JLMC Continuing Eduction

Continuing Education Form

Requesting a Random List

Upon confirmation of your request for a random list, the OSFM shall:

  1. Select at random from the roster a panel numbering not less than 2 times the number of assessors requested and will provide you their contact information and resumes.
  2. You must notify the Office within 7 days of the receipt of the list the assessors you have selected. If you fail to notify the Office of your selection within the 7 days, the Office shall appoint the assessors from the list provided [50 ILCS 742/50(Section 145.70 (f))].

Special Requests

In the event you have agreed to a selection process and only want the Office to provide you a specific number of randomly selected assessors or for another agreed to purpose, your special request must be in writing and include an explanation of the purpose of the request. Your request may be denied pursuant to 50 ILCS 742/50 (Section 145.80 (b)).

Submit a Request

Submit a written request for a Random List or Special Request to the Division of Personnel Standards and Education (DPSE).  To submit your request, click on the following link:   DPSE/Certified Assessors

Statutes and Rules