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Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Reimbursement Application

The Hazardous Materials Response Reimbursement Act allows emergency response agencies to recover the cost of responding to a hazardous materials incident in cases where the party responsible for the hazardous materials incident does not provide reimbursement.

Criteria for Application

  • Must be a unit of local government or volunteer fire protection organization that provides firefighting services, emergency rescue services, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response teams, technical rescue teams or civil defense)
  • Applicants must have submitted a request for reimbursement to the responsible party for the hazardous materials incident. If after 14 days the responsible party has not provided reimbursement or is not cooperating, an application for reimbursement may be filed. [Note: applicants who receive reimbursement from the state and who are later reimbursed by the responsible party must repay the state such amounts that have been reimbursed by the state]
  • The response must have been made to an incident involving hazardous materials facilities such as rolling stock which are not in a terminal and which are not included on the property tax roles for the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.
  • The cost of the emergency response must have equaled or exceeded $500.
  • The cost of the emergency response must exceed 2% of the annual operating budget (excluding personnel costs and capital expenditures) of the emergency responder.
  • Application must be made not more than 90 days after the hazardous materials incident.

Limitations on Reimbursement

  • The maximum reimbursement is $10,000.
  • Reimbursement shall be limited to the replacement or repair of materials and equipment used during the emergency response.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Reimbursment Application (Fillable)

Further information can be found by reviewing the Act (430 ILCS 55 - and the rules governing the program (Illinois Administrative Code, Title 41, Part 270 -