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Fire Sprinkler Contractor Information

Purpose of a Fire Sprinkler Contractor License:
To safeguard lives and property by regulating persons engaged in the business of planning, selling, installing, maintaining, or servicing fire protection sprinkler systems.

Who should have a Fire Sprinkler Contractor License?
All individuals and businesses who desire to engage in fire sprinkler contracting in this State, except as otherwise exempted in Section 15(c) of the Act.

How is this license obtained?
You must successfully complete and submit an application.

Applications and Licenses

To Obtain or Renew a Fire Sprinkler Contractor license, please use the online form (Login/Registration is required) or download the PDF version.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Information

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Continuing Education

Statutes/Rules Regarding Fire Sprinkler Contractors