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Consumer Fireworks

Consumer fireworks displays are permitted ONLY in villages, counties and municipalities that have passed ordinances allowing such displays, while adhering to the requirements for use, AND using only approved types of fireworks.

Pyrotechnic Statutes and Rules

General Information for the Public

Pyrotechnic / Fireworks  Complaint Form

To be used by any citizen that witnesses a potential violation of either the Pyrotechnic Distributor and Operator Licensing Act  OR the Fireworks Use Act

Information for (or about) Licensed Pyrotechnic Professionals


A display permit must be obtained from local authorities for all firework displays, except no permit shall be required for supervised public displays by State or County fair associations.

For information on becoming a registered retailer or a obtaining a display permit see our Commercial Pyrotechnics and Fireworks Page

More Information

For general information or questions, please contact the Division of Fire Prevention.