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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Course Equivalency

Procedures for course equivalency towards OSFM certification:

  • The OSFM certification program in the State of Illinois is voluntary.
  • By statute, an individual must be employed on an Illinois Fire Department to participate with the certification program.
  • The individual must be listed on the roster of their employing fire department and registered on the PSE WebAccess portal.
  • Once an individual is employed on an Illinois fire department, they must submit a letter (e-mail) requesting course equivalency.
  • Course equivalency is granted if the courses are NFPA compliant for the specific standard that references an Illinois certification.
  • OSFM does not have direct reciprocity. OSFM is not affiliated with ProBoard; OSFM is not affiliated with IFSAC.
  • Attached with the letter, include copies of successful course completion certificates or transcripts.
  • If the course completion certificates or transcripts do not state the specific NFPA Standard, an official letter from the teaching entity’s legal or administrative office must also be included stating the detailed information (If submitting Department of Defense certificates, a letter from the teaching entity is not required). If the course equivalency is granted, the individual will have a one-time chance to pass the OSFM state written and state practical examinations.
  • If passed on the first attempt and all certification prerequisites are met, the individual will then be eligible for certification.
  • If the individual fails either exam on the first attempt, the equivalency is voided and they must successfully complete an Illinois approved course prior to certification.

Below is the link to the administrative rules regarding course equivalency:

For more information please contact the Division of Personnel Standards & Education at

I am interested in moving to another state, are my certifications transferable?

You will need to check with the other entity to check their requirements. We do suggest that you obtain and keep copies of your own training records indicating the number of hours you have trained for the various levels and copies of completion certificates or transcripts for schools you have attended.