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Course Approval and FD Mail

Course Approval

All training facilities wishing to offer courses leading to certification must first submit a Request for Course Approval on the DPSE WebAcess Portal.  After your request has been approved, you will find the Course Approval listed in the Portal under Forms.

The following courses will require documentation in addition to the submitted course approval request.  Training facilities requesting any of the courses listed below will be contacted by the Office after the request has been submitted on the DPSE WebAccess Portal.

  • Fire Service Instructor I
  • Fire Service Instructor II
  • Fire Service Instructor III
  • Training Program Manager
  • Company Fire Officer
  • Advanced Fire Officer
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Fire Inspector I
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I
  • Fire Service Executive Support
  • Fire Investigator
  • Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist
  • Fire Department Incident Safety Officer
  • Fire Department Health & Safety Officer
  • Confined Space Operations
  • Confined Space Technician
  • Structural Collapse Operations
  • Structural Collapse Technician

Per the administrative rules, course approvals require courses to be added to the Public Event Calendar at least two weeks prior to the course delivery.  Course Completion Rosters submitted through the DPSE WebAccess Portal will be validated against the Public Event Calendar.  If the course was not listed, the roster will be denied.  If a course is cancelled, the event shall be removed from the calendar.

This information is also utilized by Fire Certification Specialists when scheduling visitations and training records reviews of all or part of the course and examinations.  The following information (as applicable) is required: 

Name of training facility possessing course approval

  • Title of course
  • Location of course
  • Date(s) of classroom instruction
  • Date(s) of practical exam
  • Instructor name
  • Facility primary contact name

FD Mail

The FD Mail account is utilized to communicate important information from OSFM.  Communications from DPSE includes certification approvals/denials, request for exam approval/denials, course approval/denials and expirations, and recertification reminders.

Required material for practical examinations or other added requirements will be distributed, by FD Mail to approved facilities with a current course approval.  In addition, notices such as JCAR rule changes and certification updates are distributed through FD Mail.

If you are a fire chief and unable to log into your FD Mail account, contact the DPSE at 217-782-4542 for assistance.