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Role of the State Fire Marshal

Role of OSFM in the School Inspection Process

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is mandated by law to conduct annual fire safety inspections of all public schools in Illinois, not including Chicago (105 ILCS 5/3-14.21(c)). OSFM Fire Prevention Inspectors in partnership with Qualified Fire Officials from local fire departments provide safety inspections to approximately 3500 public schools across the State of Illinois.  Chicago Public Schools are not a part of this program.

OSFM works closely with the Illinois State Board of Education, Regional Offices of Education, and the Illinois Association of Regional School Superintendents in developing and implementing the requirements necessary to provide safety to the children of Illinois while in our public schools.

OSFM provides the training to members of local Fire Departments who desire to become Qualified Fire Officials to perform the annual inspections in their community schools.

OSFM assists private schools in their responsibility to provide requirements and standards when conducting school safety drills, and maintaining their emergency and crisis response plans to share with first responders. OSFM provides a Private School Annual Review Compliance Report mechanism to meet those goals.