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In Memoriam of Cheryle Kaufman

For the past 10 years, Cheryle Kaufman has been OSFM’s FOIA Clerk. Cheryle alone handled the bulk of OSFM’s estimated 4,500 FOIA responses per year, processing (and redacting) several hundred thousand pages each year.  She was a State employee committed to public service at the highest level, admirably dedicated to her job duties, the FOIA requesters and her coworkers without reservation. Very sadly, Cheryle passed away unexpectedly on November 15th, 2023. Her caring personal presence will be greatly missed by all at our agency, and as we’re hearing more fully, within the FOIA community. Many FOIA requesters have gotten to know Cheryle over the years, appreciating her spirit of friendship and goodwill, and we know that Cheryle valued those daily connections as well.  While her professional skills will likely be very difficult to replace as we all move forward, her spirit of friendship remains with us. 

You can share your condolences with the family here: Cheryle's Obituary