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Inspection Request - Online Form

This form is to request an inspection by a State of Illinois Inspector, only. 

(41 III. Adm. Code, Subpart A, Section 2120.40 b)

Effective January 1, 1999, all first-time inspections of boilers and pressure vessels shall be performed by the Chief, or a Deputy Inspector employed by the Division.

Inspection Request Information

If your location is insured by one of the insurance companies listed below, please contact the insurance company directly.

Commissioned Jurisdictional Insurance Companies

Arise Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (440) 746-8860  
CNA Insurance Company (713) 513-6228  
Chubb Limited (312) 529-6731  
Cincinnati Insurance Company (513) 870-2028  
Factory Mutual Global Insurance Company (847) 430-7000  
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company (800) 333-4677  
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (877) 526-0020  
OneCIS Insurance Company (847) 726-3735  
Star Indemnity & Liability Insurance Company (404) 946-1471  
The Travelers Companies (800) 425-4119  
XL Insurance America, Incorporated (770) 614-3111  
Zurich American Insurance Company (800) 562-5814  

Notice: Due to a website issue, any request made from mid-November through December 26 were not recieved by the OSFM Boiler Division. Please re-submit these request by using the form below. 

Request a Boiler or Pressure Vessel Inspection

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